Marin Pub Table


Marin Pub Table

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Create Your Own Custom Marin Pub Table  and custom Pub Table Stools. These beautiful furniture pieces are hand crafted in the United States.

California House Furniture can be counted on to create pub tables and chairs last the years and generations. Now you can own your own custom Marin Pub Table. Just call our friendly experts and we will go over all the options and start the building process of your very own custom Pub Table.

Let You Make This Pub Table match Your Home Decor

California House Marin Pub Table Features & Benefits

  • Accompanying Chairs and Bar Stools with hundreds of fabric selections can be found here.

    Varies by selection. 37″ or 41″ tall

      • Available options:
      • Round and Octagon shapes
      • 24″, 30″ and 36″ diameters

Call our expert staff to find out about all the custom options available to match the Marin Pub Table to your home.


Choose from a large variety of Bar Stools and Chairs too



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